About me

about_me_1I have spent my 15-year career as a Marriage and Family Counselor, Therapist, Medical Doctor and Sex Therapist helping people understand and accept themselves and their sexuality.

I’ve continually called attention to the emotional and medical as well as cultural conditions that keep so many of us feeling confused, scared, guilty and hopeless about our, experiences, relationships, and sexuality.


Issues I help men, women, and couples with:
* Low desire & desire discrepancies
* Performance anxiety
* Infidelity or emotional affairs
* Sexual communication
* Chronic conflict
* Low-sex or no-sex relationships
* Painful sex
* Unconsummated marriage
* Erection difficulties
* Orgasm difficulties
* Non-monogamous relationships
* Sexual variations such as S/M
* Conflict about pornography
* Fertility or contraceptive issues
* Uncomfortable sexual fantasies or preferences
* Questions about sexual orientation
* Sexual trauma
* Out-of-control sexual behavior (sometimes called “sex addiction”)


I see patients (men, women, and couples) in my Croatian and Austrian offices both located across from lovely forests and a creek.

This gentle environment gives you a great opportunity to relax and tune into therapy.

I also work as an international mediator, leading negotiations for industry.

I have pioneered the use of Skype and other technologies in therapy. As a result, I now have patients from around the world.

When I am not working I enjoy long-distance bicycling and tennis.